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Accountancy is a crucial subject for the CBSE Commerce Stream. To do well in the CBSE 12th Board exam, you should have a solid understanding of Accountancy in Class 12. Accountancy is a high-scoring subject for students preparing for the Board Exam, and they can achieve a perfect score if concepts are studied thoroughly, and questions are practiced regularly. Veron Institute aims to cover the 12th Accounts syllabus by solving 1500+ questions that strictly follow the NCERT Accounts Textbook Pattern to help students achieve a perfect score. Students are prepared for the Class 12th Board Exams beginning with Weekly Mock Tests at the start of each Session. We help students stick to a comprehensive Study Plan.

Veron Institute is the best coaching institute in Amritsar, and its faculty is highly qualified. While teaching, we adhere to CBSE Guidelines and the NCERT Syllabus. Doubts and Counselling Sessions provide students with one-on-one attention.

Why Veron Accounts Tuition Is Best For You?

 Our accountancy coaching has the best and most experienced teachers, giving students a complete understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Exclusive Study Material

  • We specialize inadequately compiled study material that includes
  • Finish the course topic-by-topic.
  • Simple language that aids in remembering concepts
  • Flowcharts
  • Diagrams,
  • A tabular representation
  • Solved and unanswered questions
  • The section on Fast Track Revision,
  • Points to keep in mind,
  • Pre-exam Dos and Don'ts


Tests and Feedback Regularly.

  • A quick test and feedback are required to ensure that the student has fully grasped the concept. Students are given regular tests and feedback on their work.
  • Our high-tech system will administer our students' tests online and ensure that the feedback results are provided as soon as possible.


 Doubt Solving Sessions

  • Our teaching sessions and methods are one-of-a-kind and straightforward, leaving students with no doubts about any concepts.
  • If there is a question or a doubt, our question and answer sessions or one-on-one sessions with students will work wonders in resolving the students' concerns.


The Flexibility of Learning at Veron Institute:

  • Live Doubt-Solving Sessions are held regularly, during which students can ask questions about the subject matter.
  • Revision Marathon Classes, an exam preparation booster in which the entire syllabus is covered in a short period.
  • Exam preparation and motivational lectures are required for all students. It prepares to give an all-out effort during exam time.

Primary FAQ

  • Can you score 100 in accounts?

    You can score 100 points on the Accountancy paper with only two strategies. If you lack concept clarity and calculation, the Accountancy Board Paper appears to be lengthy. Accountancy Paper requires the preparation of various types of ledgers, statements, and journal entries. You will only have 3 hours.

  • Is NCERT good for accounts?

    Students should study from NCERT Books for Class 11 Accountancy to achieve satisfactory results in their Accountancy exam. These books are beneficial when preparing for other competitive-level exams because they explain every concept in simple language.

  • Is Class 12 accounts difficult?

    Accountancy has been identified as the most challenging core subject in the CBSE class 12 commerce curriculum. In addition, a firm grasp of the subject is required to become a chartered accountant, which is most commerce students' dream.

  • How do I prepare for an accounting exam?

    *Revise more than once before taking the exam. Avoid experimenting with different study materials. NCERT books are regarded as the best source for this subject. * A month before the exams, complete sample and previous year's papers.

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Why Veron Institute?

  • Top Skilled & Experienced Faculty Members
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Online classes
  • Regular classes and assignment
  • Weekend doubt classes
  • Mid-week/ weekly tests and revision to assess the growth of the students.
  • Online tests are available for students (Free)