Class 12 Non-Medical Coaching Overview:

Class XII Board exams is not an easy road to cross and we know it. It is not just the syllabus of the class that needs to be completed; getting the students prepared for the future is also equally important to us.  There is always an inner conflict that a student goes through while choosing the Science stream, that between Medical and Non Medical. With interdisciplinary courses coming into the picture, the conflict has faded and students are aware that they would flourish choosing the non-medical courses.

At Veron Institute, we make it far easier for students study the other complex subjects of Science through our class 12 coaching. The main subjects for a Non Medical student are physics, chemistry and Mathematics and Computer Science. These Non-Medical subjects are taught at our esteemed place of with the aim of honing skills that will help open more unconventional options for class 12 students in the future. We cover the syllabus of class 12 as per the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and other Boards. The amount of work that our skilled faculty for class 12 classes put in while teaching these subjects speaks volumes of our dedication towards the class 12 coaching class we take under our wing.


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Our academic avenues of non-medical coaching in Amritsar are not just confined to teaching physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. We also provide classes for subjects like computer science and other non-medical subjects that would pave way for students to have access to other options after class 12. The career options for non medical streams are far more than options in the medical stream. Our class 12 coaching classes cover all the subjects that would list before the student's career avenues linked with each subject in the stream. However, it is notable that the science stream sans Medicine also has other popular examples where class 12 non medical students have pursued careers with the help of our class 12 coaching classes in Astrophysics, Molecular Physics, chemical engineering, etc. Our non medical classes have helped these students clear their concepts so that they know what other alternatives are present before them for their future.



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Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching
Class 12 Non Medical Coaching

Non Medical Subjects For 12th

Our Best non-medical coaching classes cover the subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science months prior to the examination and the rest of the time is utilized conducting revisions of these subjects. Unarguably, these subjects, if not difficult, are certainly complex and require extensive study. We ensure that revision tests are conducted on a weekly basis so that the students get a flair of what all can be expected during exams. Moreover, by being subjected to such tests, they gain the confidence to sit for the actual examinations.

Exam Pattern

 CBSE class 12 exam pattern for physics, chemistry and mathematics and computer science

Exam duration

3 hours for each paper

Practical marks

30 marks

Theory marks

70 marks

Total no. questions


Very short answer type questions(1 mark each)


Short answer type questions(2 marks each)


Long answer type - 1 question(3 marks each)


Long answer type - 2 questions(5 marks each)



Primary FAQ

  • Is it necessary to take coaching classes to prepare for Class XII Board exams?

    No, it is not necessary to join any coaching classes for Class XII. But we believe that professional guidance for non medical coaching can clear way for you leaving you without any doubts. It helps you in clearing competitive exams smoothly since your concepts are better.

  • Is it possible to manage Class XII coaching classes & school studies along with competitive exams preparation

    Yes, its definitely possible to manage School & Competitive exams preparation together. We are a best coaching centre for class 12 in Amritsar meant for that kind of balance only. We conduct class 12 coaching classes in such a way that you are ready not just for your Class XII nonmedical boards but also the entrances you aim to crack thereafter

  • What is the right time to join your coaching Institute for class 12?

    . The right time to join our coaching Institute is from class XI. By the time, you have chosen your non medical stream and you know which competitive exams you want to sit for.

  • Is individual attention possible in your class 12 coaching Institute?

    Absolutely. We have thorough professionals backing our class 12 coaching institute. They know each student is important and make sure the students leave class with the knowledge imparted that day.

  • Is the non medical coaching institute giving exhaustive class 12 coaching for various exams ?

    . Yes. We take pride in the fact that our students are prepared not only for the Class XII Boards but for all premier Competitive exams.

  • Who are the lecturers/ professors constituting the class 12 coaching faculty and what are their qualifications?

    We understand your concern as it is an important consideration while deciding about a class 12 coaching centre in Amritsar. The students can assure that the faculty makes everything very easy for them. They have a good experience before they joined our reputed class 12 coaching Institute and were picked only after seeing their performance certificate in their previous working place.

  • Does the coaching centre provide quality study material for class XII Boards?

    Yes. Veron Institute is very particular about providing the study material along with the classes. Class XII Boards is a very crucial time. We know it is helpful for the students to read what all were taught in the classes again at home.

  • How does the coaching institute for class 12 test students’ performances?

    . We are known for conducting revision tests every week to prepare the students. We also conduct test series so that the students are made privy to the exam pattern which they will sit for.

  • What are the timing options for non medical coaching classes and whether they are changeable?

    Yes, the timings can be accommodated if a student is unable to attend the previous lectures. Although, we need to be informed in advance. We understand the value of each student and do not let them skip important lectures.

  • What is the experience of the faculty members?

    We have chosen highly qualified teachers for class 12 coaching who are dedicated in the subjects that they teach. We make sure that apart from the educational qualification, the experience of our faculty teacher is vast as well. It is only thereafter we consider them apt for the job of teaching the students at our institute.

  • Why should I join Veron Institute?

    Veron Institute assures 100% success in exams. Our percentage of students scoring between 90-95% is also high. You are prepared for not only for XII Boards but also for further entrances involving non-medical subjects.

  • What is the procedure to join Veron Institute?

    Just fill the inquiry form available on the website, you will receive a call from our counselor and they will guide you through everything. Also, you can search us on google for with ‘Class 12 coaching institute near me’ and you will get our location. You can visit our institute anytime.

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