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Economics is the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods. It has both qualitative and quantitative components. As a result, to ace an Economics exam, you must study it from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint.

Veron Institute - Best Economics Coaching In Amritsar


If you are looking for the best Economics coaching in Amritsar for your Class 12 board exams, look no further. Fortunately, you've come to the right place to get answers to all of your questions. Veron Institute has long been the go-to place for questions and information about Class 12th Economics coaching classes for CBSE and other State Boards. We take pride in serving students who have big career goals.

The CBSE Class 12th Economics syllabus includes Macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development, worth 40 points. The CBSE Class 12th Board Paper is prepared based on the mark distribution. Mock Tests at Veron Institute are strictly prepared following the Board Exam Pattern.

Our faculty prioritises the chapters based on their weightage and thoroughly covers the Numerical Questions. Many MCQ, True or False, and Fill in the Blanks type questions are practised along with long economic questions. Face-to-Face Economics Classes at the Veron Institute in Amritsar.


Why Choose Veron For Best Economics Coaching?


  • Placement of emphasis on conceptual teaching and learning.
  • Lectures covering the entire syllabus, with the option to clear any doubts.
  • Quality notes to improve learning and speed up the revision process
  • Periodic Mock Tests to assess student performance
  • Special Doubt Solving & Motivational Sessions

Primary FAQ

  • How many chapters are there in 12th Ncert of economics?

    six chapters

  • How many books are there in class 12 economics?

    The subject of Economics is divided into 2 books, Introductory Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Students can use NCERT Books for Class 12 to prepare for external as well as internal examinations.

  • What is Macroeconomics?

    Macroeconomics is the branch of economics concerned with the overall structure, performance, behaviour, and decision-making of the economy. Long-term economic growth and shorter-term business cycles are the two main areas of macroeconomic research.

  • Is Economics a scoring subject in CBSE?

    Economics is a very scoring subject only if the student utilizes all the CBSE Study material and studies those smartly.

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  • Top Skilled & Experienced Faculty Members
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Online classes
  • Regular classes and assignment
  • Weekend doubt classes
  • Mid-week/ weekly tests and revision to assess the growth of the students.
  • Online tests are available for students (Free)