1. Brilliant past record of turning fair understudies to extra-customary ones to achieve fruitful results.
  2. Top Most Faculty with creative approaches to put across thoughts and techniques for over all development of student for cracking exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.
  3. Though Simple yet innovative instructing methodologies which center around better applied lucidity in the fundamental subjects.
  4. Well structured study material which makes concepts easy for the student to understand. Best content for smooth processing of student's knowledge which one utilizes to crack all competitive exams.
  5. Personal counseling and personality development sessions so that student is able to cop up with difficulties one faces while preparing highest level competitive exams.
  6. Student specific teaching methods as every student has different learning abilities..
  7. Analysis of Individual performance of every student and focusing on weak areas of every single student and working for improvement to take students on path of success.