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The Veron Institute is the best military nursing service coaching in Amritsar. The institute offers courses in different areas of nursing, such as practical and theoretical nurses, midwives, and health professionals. The institute also offers courses in military nursing service coaching. This helps the students to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can be successful military nurses.

The Veron Institute is the best military nursing service coaching in Amritsar. The institute offers a one-year course that teaches students how to be successful nurses in the military. The course is designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in their career as a military nurse. The program also provides training on how to communicate with patients and their families, as well as how to manage medical emergencies. The Veron Institute is a nationally accredited nursing school and offers a variety of courses that are designed to meet the needs of military nurses.

Military Nursing Service Eligibility

The Indian Army has issued a recruitment notice for persons interested in serving as Military Nursing Service officers in the Indian Army.

Before applying, interested candidates should go to the MNS official website and read the official notification.

Military Nursing Service eligibility, the age limit for MNS, Military Nursing Service physical requirements, Military Nursing Service marital status, Military Nursing Service education qualification, and other conditions must be met in order to apply for Military Nursing Services in India.

The eligibility criteria for the Indian Army Military Nursing Service are as follows, according to a notification issued by the Directorate General of Medical Services (DGMS) on behalf of the Indian Army Military Nursing Service:




The candidate must be an Indian national.


·         Only female candidates are eligible for positions in the Military Nursing Service.

·         Candidates of any other gender are not eligible for the Military Nursing Service.

Military Nursing Service Age Limit

Candidates for Military Nursing Service must have been born between October 1, 1996 and September 30, 2004.

Military Nursing Service Education Qualifications

·         Candidates must have completed their 12th (10+2) year with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany and Zoology), and English.

·         Candidates in their final year of BSc nursing are also eligible for the Military Nursing Service.

Military Nursing Service Physical Requirements

The minimum height required a chest X-ray and a USG (abdomen and pelvis)

Another medical fitness requirement


Let's go over each need for Military Nursing Service eligibility one by one:


The applicant for the Military Nursing Service application form must be an Indian citizen.

Citizens of other countries are not eligible for the Military Nursing Service.
As a result, before applying for the Military Nursing Service exam, the candidate must be an Indian citizen.

Gender or classification

According to the military nursing service eligibility criteria, only female candidates are eligible.
According to the Military Nursing Service qualifying standards, individuals of any gender other than females are ineligible.
Nursing Service in the Military Females who are temporarily married include both married and unattached women. Females can be encumbered widows, divorcees, unmarried, or legally separated.

Age Restrictions for Military Nursing Service

MNS is for people who were born between October 1, 1996, and September 30, 2004. This indicates the applicant must have been born between these dates or on the same day.
Candidates born before October 1, 1996, or after September 30, 2004, are ineligible for the Military Nursing Service.

Qualification for Military Nursing Service Education

Some application forms merely required 10th and 12th grade diplomas, while others required specific educational requirements.
The following degrees are required for Military Nursing Service Education Qualification:
The applicant for Military Nursing Service must have finished their 10 + 2 in one attempt.
Physics, chemistry, biology, and English should be required subjects in 10 + 2 levels.
The candidate must have received a 50 percent aggregate score on the 10 + 2 exam.
A regular student from a Statutory/ Recognized Board/University/Examination Body should apply for Military Nursing Service.

Physical Requirements for Military Nursing Service

Following the start of the Military Nursing Service exam and interview, the selected applicants will be subjected to a medical examination. Before being recruited into the military, all candidates must pass a medical examination. The following are the physical requirements for the Military Nursing Service:


Military nursing service requires a minimum height of 152 cm.
Gorkhas and candidates from North East India are among the candidates. Physical criteria for military nursing duty have been relaxed.
Gorkhas and candidates from Northeast India must be at least 148 centimetres tall.

The Maximum Weight Allowable for MNS

MNS (Military Nursing Service) has a minimum weight limit of 39 kg. This means that the candidate's weight should not be less than 39 kilogrammes.

Measurement of the chest

The female candidates' chests are measured both with and without expansion. This is also a necessary physical criterion for military nursing service.
With expansion, the chest measurement should be at least 82 cm, and without expansion, it should be 77 cm.


Without spectacles or glasses, the candidate's vision should be 6/6.
The candidates' eyesight should not be poorer than 6/12 if they wear spectacles.
There should be no night blindness or colour blindness in the individual.

Internal Audits

  • The candidate must submit to a chest X-ray and a USG (abdomen and pelvis).
  • The applicants must perform an ultrasound to check for kidney stones.
  • A blood test and a urine test are required of the candidates.
  • The candidates' liver problems will also be examined.

Physical Requirements for Other Military Nursing Services

Apart from the above Military Nursing Service Physical Requirements, there are a number of others listed below:

Any genetic condition, such as joint knees, colour blindness, or night blindness, must not be present in the candidate.
The candidates' joints and bones should be in perfect condition.
The candidates' elbows must not turn more than 15 degrees in the outside direction.
The threshold of 14 dental points is mandatory.
Any form of fracture in any region of the body should be avoided because it will result in the candidate's irreversible rejection.

Note: that the candidates who are rejected are rejected both temporarily and permanently. Candidates who have been temporarily denied can reapply for the position, and they will have 45 days to do so. For another medical test, you have 60 days or a maximum of 90 days.

The Selection Process for the Military Nursing Service (MNS)

Written Examination (A)

The candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to take the written exam, which will take place in the first or second week of September. The written test will consist of only object (multiple choice) style questions and will be worth a total of 100 points. The best thing about the written exam is that it does not have any negative grading.

The answer sheet will be evaluated using OMR (optical mark recognition) technology at IHQ (Integrated Headquarters) of the Ministry of Defence (MoD Army), and the results will be announced online on the Indian Army's official website by the fourth week of September. Only successful shortlisted candidates' results will be published on the official website. In addition to the results, instructions for the interview will be provided. Candidates should also be aware that the Indian Army would not inform candidates of their results personally, therefore they will have to authenticate their own results.

Exam Centers for the Written Exam:

Lucknow and Pune are the two most common examination centres for written examinations. If there are a high number of applicants, another centre will be added, and information about the test centre will be provided on the Indian army's official website. The written examination and related dates will be posted on the official website, and candidates should double-check the exam date before completing the online application form.

(B) Medical Examination and Interview:

Following the written examination, the chosen applicants will be invited to an interview in Delhi in October. The number of selected candidates will be approximately three times the number of total openings, and they will be called in order of merit. It will take 2-5 working days to complete the interview and medical test.
Candidates should keep in mind that they will be responsible for their own accommodations. Candidates will be directed to the Medical Examination after passing the interview procedure.
The call letters will be sent to the final selected candidates to present the report at various Military Hospitals in the Indian Armed Forces, based on the number of available vacancies and merit. The board will make the final decision on the written test and interview.

The president (Medical Board) of the Indian army will decide and tell you of your ultimate FIT or UNFIT score. The president will also keep you updated on the process of seeking an APPEAL/MEDICAL BOARD REVIEW (Medical Board).

Important Reminder:

Candidates must bring their original and self-attested documents/certificates of passing certificate, mark sheet, valid state registration certificate, and other required certificates to the interview. The candidate would be marked as rejected if any of the above-mentioned documents are missing.

The following documents/certificates should be brought to the interview by the shortlisted candidates:-

  1. Obtaining a high school diploma (Class 10th) Certificate of Completion/School Graduation (For verifying Date of Birth).
  2. Certificate of registration (should be valid) Nursing degree programme for PG/PB B.Sc./B.Sc.
  3. Nursing passing certificates and mark sheets for B.Sc./P.B., B.Sc./M.Sc., B.Sc./M.Sc., B.Sc./M.Sc., B.Sc./M.S
  4. Certificates from the NCC (If Any).
  5. A University/Gazetted Officer issues a character certificate.
  6. A valid proof of Indian citizenship (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, or any other proof)
  7. The current employer's NOC (No Objection Certificate) (In case if employed).
  8. For speed-post, one self-addressed envelope with a postal stamp of Rs 40 is required (of call letters if selected).
  9. A copy of the candidate's release order is necessary if he or she has previously served in the Military Nursing Service.
  10. A copy of the Gazette notification/or any other authority (highlighting the new name) is necessary in any circumstance, such as a candidate's name change, father's/name mother's change.

Services Offered by Veron Institute: MNS (Military Nursing Service Coaching)

Military nursing service coaching is a unique service offered by the Veron Institute. The program provides support to nurses who are transitioning out of the military and into civilian life. Through the coaching program, nurses can gain skills and knowledge to help them succeed in civilian nursing careers. The program offers guidance and support throughout the entire transition process, from job searching to finding a new home.

Why Veron Institute is the Best Military Nursing Service Coaching in Amritsar

The Veron Institute is known as the best military nursing service coaching in Amritsar. The institute has been providing top-notch training to nurses since 1998. The institute offers a one-year full-time course, which covers all the aspects of being a nurse in the military. The curriculum is designed to help students become successful nurses in the military.

The Veron Institute offers an excellent training program that prepares students for a career in the military nursing service. The curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs of nurses who wish to serve in the military.

The faculty at Veron Institute are experienced professionals who are passionate about nursing and teaching. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and achieve success in their careers as nurses in the military.

The Veron Institute is the best military nursing service coaching in Amritsar. They have a team of experienced and qualified coaches who are passionate about helping nurses achieve their desired career goals.

Their coaching program provides the perfect mix of support and guidance, allowing nurses to reach their full potential as professionals. The Veron Institute also offers a variety of resources, including online training programs and mock exams, to help nurses stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the nursing field.


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