As students enter middle school, we help them with a 360 degree transition of the Class 6 syllabus. With harder concepts, more complex problems, and longer answers, we inculcate excitement in the hearts of our students instead of fear for middle and senior classes.

As a part of our live online classes, we provide tailored lessons per the needs of our kids. We, at Takshila Learning, aim to impart more than what the Class 6 syllabus has to offer. Takshila Learning focuses on building their approach to smart learning. We shape their personalities by inculcating different perspectives to approach a subject in our live online classes.

We intend on teaching your kid the Class 6 syllabus, but more importantly, life skills because we intend on shaping your kid’s future to the best way possible.

As folklore and poems reflecting values become a prominent area of the Class 6 English syllabus, we inject morals, values and realisation and self-awareness in the hearts of oour students.

Along with teaching them Class 6 English grammar and comprehension, we take our learnings a notch higher through our live online classes. We help them explore a platform for holistic development.

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  • Top Skilled & Experienced Faculty Members
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Online classes
  • Regular classes and assignment
  • Weekend doubt classes
  • Mid-week/ weekly tests and revision to assess the growth of the students.
  • Online tests are available for students (Free)